The Human Resource function has become increasingly important in meeting an organisation’s business strategy, goals and objectives


As business grows, challenges also multiply. Human Resource Management is a critical Component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. Bradfield Consulting Limited can help handle the HR responsibilities which include workforce planning, payroll, benefits, develop handbooks, engagements and disengagements, keeping up to date with state and federal laws and every other Human Resource Management tasks.

The Human Resource function has become increasingly important in meeting an organisation’s business strategy, goals and objectives. Human Resources Systems and Staffing help to competitively differentiate your Organisation from the competition.

We can work with your Human Resources team in reviewing its current status and in looking at system design and implementation. We review whether the HR systems are in alignment with the organization’s business strategy and articulated operating philosophy, culture and style.

Maintaining accurate personnel records is one area that any organisation cannot afford to ignore. However, due to time constraints, budgetary restrictions and other reasons that may exist, it rarely gets done….until there is an issue.

The solution for getting your personnel files compliant and properly organized is not a time consuming or cost prohibitive task with Bradfield Consulting Limited’s File Management Audit service.

We will take on this task, freeing you up for more strategic concerns.

Establishing procedures can help the entire company to work in harmony, with clear steps to follow in order to resolve any issues.

We establish procedures for the human resources department to function by developing a company handbook which should assure good management and fair treatment of all employees.

Our services include designing and implementing the following policies and procedures:

– Recruitment and selection policy

– Joining and On boarding – Confirmation-Exit processes

– Induction manual

– Staff policies

– HR Audit – Employee files, data compilation, reports

– Performance management

Our policy and system design services provides management and employees with a ready reference and detailed information regarding all personnel and employment administration.

We will walk you through the steps to create a custom personnel policy/handbook for your municipality.

Business institutions need to bridge the gap between the industry standards and their salary packages. They cannot provide remuneration packages that are either less than the Industry standards or are too high than the market rates. These remuneration packages need to be created, managed and distributed efficiently. Hence, the need to do a periodic compensation survey that provides comprehensive measures of employment cost trends and benefit incidence and detailed plan provisions. Bradfield Consulting Limited can help in carrying out the research in order to analyze the Industry standards to set up the compensation strategy for the Organization.

Businesses may need an external firm to handle all payroll functions to save time and money, reducing the need for in-house trained payroll staff, purchasing and maintaining appropriate software packages, and staying compliant with updated PAYE legislation. Bradfield Consulting Limited can help your organisation to reduce the complexity of the organisation’s payroll requirements in the most cost-effective way.

People management plays a crucial role in delivering organisational performance. In today’s modern, knowledge economy this is more true than ever before. The decision to outsource human resources is therefore not to be taken lightly. Bradfield Consulting Limited can manage some discrete HR functions/activities or perhaps the whole human resources function, this is to enable employees devote more time to strategic roles in supporting organisational performance.