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Get connected to notable volunteers when and where you need them. We get you good volunteers to help with your good cause.

Our volunteer placement

  • Orphan Care Volunteer Placement
  • Hospital Volunteer Placement
  • Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Provide remedial for students who need it
  • Support extracurricular activities e.g. football, volleyball etc
  • Fundraising to aid school projects (purchases, buildings, renovation)
  • Library (Collecting used and new books for library)


The BradField GiveBack Initiative is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote community services consciousness among the youths aged between 16-22 years old, giving them a choice of giving back to the community, make a difference and at the same time develop new skills or build on already exciting experience. End goal is to empower the youths in readiness to be a subject of change.

The initiative aims to connect willing volunteers to organisations that require them. This will enable us create awareness to many youths and their parents who are not aware of the many organizations in Nigeria that need volunteers. We believe Nigeria’s young people are her greatest resource and seek to put them at the heart of our project. We hope to empower them as agents of change. Our vision is a society where we can all make a difference to the causes that we believe in.

The foundation is an organisation registered with CAC RC 114478

Organisation in need of Volunteers

Get connected to notable volunteers when and where you need them. We get you good volunteers to help with your good cause. As an organisation, kindly provide us with the following requirements

  1. Volunteer positions
  2. Engage the participants for a minimum of 1 hour
  3. Ensure that the volunteers are in a safe working environment.
  4. Send us report on each volunteer after the exercise.

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Oyewole Sandra

Awosika Nifemi

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