Bradfield consulting is a professional service firm created to provide human resource solutions for organizations of any size. Our goal is to help our esteemed clients eliminate issues bordering on having incompatible or inexperienced employees.    

We are currently seeking to employ a suitably qualified Design Lead Engineer who has a working knowledge of project design, desktop surveys and is capable of providing detail drawings and CAD systems in an organization. Mathematically competent and IT /software, knowledge of HVAC and mechanical and electrical engineering.    


  • Your key responsibilities will be to support the Head of Operations and the project design team in managing and delivering feasibility studies, system design, building interface & project implementation process for the delivery of energy installations.
  • Working as part of a project team and taking direction in order to deliver projects from inception to completion
  • Undertaking detailed tasks for the design of solar, including schematics, string designs, ballast calculations, shading analysis and mounting orders
  • Designing LED lighting and electrical systems ensuring the correct products are selected for the given project
  • Verify data from a number of solar monitoring systems. This will be cross-matched with reports from the fault ticketing system and uploaded to our reporting system.
  • Developing and producing engineering specifications, equipment schedules and drawings ensuring quality and technical quality standards are met
  • Ensuring open communication among all project team members ensuring feedback is provided and acted upon efficiently in a timely manner.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with customers by providing excellent customer service
  • DNO applications as required
  • Effectively utilizing and checking work undertaken by others on Microsoft office and other approved software
  • Occasionally attending, along with a Senior Engineer, design team meetings, design workshops, client meetings, site meetings
  • Support the commissioning of completed systems and the related G59 testing process
  • Support design and technical colleagues with site surveys and feasibility assessments
  • To manage the development of cost-effective design and engineering solutions and deliver complete design packages for project proposals (including tenders)
  •  Production of technical specifications and drawings using AutoCAD
  • Management of technical relationships with sub-contractors, funders and Distribution Network Operators
  • To be ensure full compliance with quality and H&S systems
  •  Operate within the company’s Construction Design Management procedures.
  • Support the specification of components for the procurement process
  • Where required liaise with the client on technical matters including system handover, necessary approvals and registration, FIT application and export meters
  • Provide quality advice and installation support where required during construction phase
  •  Assist in the survey of potential future projects
  • Represent the company at external events where required.


  • Proficiency in MS Office, with exceptional knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to prioritize.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Communication skills and the
  • Capacity to manage several tasks or requests simultaneously.
  • Time management


  • Ideally B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in an Electrical discipline or equivalent (renewable energies)
  • Be aware about risks also responsibility for team members when working on-site
  • Be used to work with DC and AC current.
  • Being interested / motivated to learn more about power electronics.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:    Experience of designing installations in the renewable industry would be an advantage.