Head of Finance

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Job title: Head of Finance
Reports to: CEO
Role: Finance
Location: Lagos
Job type: Permanent

Job Summary:

  1. To formulate, manage, direct and execute the financial strategies, objectives, policies, procedures around financial accounting functions, financial reporting, forecasting, budgetary controls, taxation, procurement, capital management and general financial health for the company.
  2. Providing support to the Board and Country CEO on overall strategic goals and objectives of the company.
  3. Support the company in mergers and acquisitions.
  4. Maintaining relationship with key stakeholders.
    Key Accountabilities:
  5. To approve and recommend to the Board / Audit Committee of the company interim and year-end published financial results.
  6. Responsible for the preparation and content of the company annual report.
  7. Approval and recommendation to the Board of the statutory financial statements 4Managing the relationship with external stakeholders including tax authorities, external auditors, suppliers, central bank and bankers.
    Responsible for the content and quality of Management accounts, financial forecasts and financial budgets and overall financial reporting of performance and trends
  8. Compliance to the country’s Company Act, central bank regulations and compliance with funders’ financial and borrowing covenants.
  9. To manage the company’s foreign exchange position, including excesses if any, towards mitigation of material profit and losses variances.
  10. To conduct regular in-depth analysis/research so as to provide guidance to CMC, ELT and CEO of the internal and market conditions impacting financial results.
  11. To liaise, meet with and manage all financial institutional and other funder relationships with a view to reducing overall Group cost of funds, diversifying the funding sources and ensuring access to adequate funding for factors outside of business as usual activities e.g. for acquisitions, stressed liquidity scenarios, etc.
  12. Responsible for Group tax planning and recommendations to the board on tax structures
  13. Responsible for Group cash flow management, planning, identification and recommendation of funding options and structures.
  14. Responsible for treasury management including effective asset and liability management,, achieving balance sheet efficiency and maintaining treasury relationships
  15. Recommendations to ALCO on overall funding and balance sheet management.
  16. management of forex risks and maturity mismatch risks.
  17. Establishing and aligning the Finance organizational structures to support the Group Strategy, objectives and plans.
  18. Provide leadership and guidance to implement and maintain business processes/objectives.
  19. Responsible for the embedment’s and monitoring of policies and procedures on procurement and the implementation thereof
  20. Responsible for capital management and optimization working in collaboration with the Group
  21. Local lead and project owner for all local Finance project or those spearheaded by the Group for the Finance function
  22. Assess recommended policies and present to GMC and the board of directors.
  23. Recruitment, retention and engagement strategies for employees in Finance.
  24. Ensure the Finance Function is well resourced in order to support the Group business.
  25. Provide Execution Leadership
  26. Drive Performance management programme.
  27. Development and training of staff
    Knowledge and Experience Required of Job Holder:
    1) A Master’s/MBA degree in Finance/ACCA/ACA
    2) At least 10 years of experience in Financial Management and board operations
    3) Is a subject matter expert on various balance sheet, interest rate, liquidity risk management concepts, and capital markets.
    4) Have a deep understanding of running an African multi-geography Finance Function
    5) Have a deep understanding of running a subsidiary which forms part of a broader Group
    6) A hands on experience in Financial Institutions (FI) sales, capital, credit risk, fx risk and liquidity risk
    7) Ability to communicate complex financial concepts to a broad audience
    8) Experience in income forecasting and stress scenarios
    9) Manage relationships with the different stakeholders and suppliers
    Remuneration: Very Attractive

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