Subject Teachers

Full Time

Date Posted: October 24, 2019

Salary: Negotiable

Deadline: October 31, 2020

Category: Education


The subject teacher will work with all members of staff in the implementation of the College Strategic Plan and the provision of exemplary learning experiences for the students.

ROLE PURPOSE: The role of the subject teacher requires a broad knowledge of the subject area/s, the ability to facilitate the student’s learning in the skills and content of their subject, and concern for pastoral care of the students.

The Subject Teacher should cater for, and enhance, the individual needs and learning styles of each student.

ROLE ACCOUNTABILITY: The Subject Teacher will be responsible for:

 Preparing and teaching of lessons as set out in the curriculum, setting the assessment tasks and marking students’ work

 Maintaining accurate records of student attendance, student academic progress and personal management skills

 Developing units of work for the subjects taught, according to the agreed curriculum  Writing students’ reports

 Communicating with parents/guardians, particularly through official Parent/Teacher meetings.

 Fulfilling the requirements of the particular faculty in areas such as: promotion of the faculty, availability for co-curricular activities in the faculty, development of evaluation and assessment policies and procedures, and attendance at meetings.

 Investigating and applying developments in subject content and education initiatives

 Collaborating with colleagues in their subject area/s, when appropriate.

 Maintaining contact with subject networks, as necessary.

 Assisting the Head of Department in curriculum organisation.

 Working with the Homeroom Teacher regarding issues of pastoral care.

 Completing other duties as required by the Principal

The Subject Teacher is responsible to:

 The Head of Department

 The Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

 The Principal