Program Coordinator

Role Summary
The Programs manager is expected to possess knowledge in key areas of management, from setting and implementing strategies to marketing and fundraising. He/she will require an unprecedented level of managerial skills, as well as a deep understanding of the socioeconomic and political context in which we operate.
Roles And Responsibilities:
Program Management
● Schedule and forecast programs that are in line with the vision of the foundation and follow
through to publicize and implement.
● Ensure that all implemented activities are relevant to the mission and support the foundation’s
Seek out avenues and plan programs that connect the foundation with her targeted audience.
● Develop accurate and timely reporting of program status throughout its life cycle.
● Maintain quality of excellence in the organization’s programs and external relations.
● Suggest strategies to the Project Management team for improving the efficiency and effectiveness
of the project by identifying bottlenecks in completing project activities and developing plans to
minimize or eliminate such bottlenecks
Monitoring And Evaluation
● Allocate resources and supplies according to the foundation’s budget as to ensure staff and
volunteers can complete their responsibilities to their highest potential.
● Develop monitoring and impact indicators for the project’s success
● Monitor and evaluate overall progress on the achievement of results
● Conduct capacity assessment on existing monitoring and evaluation system and develop
indicators and a monitoring strategy for the foundation’s projects
Project Management
● Identify fundraising strategies that benefit and complement the mission and vision of the
● Carry out fundraising efforts with only the highest ethical standards.
● Managing a team with a diverse array of talents and responsibilities.
● Support the foundation’s board members by supporting their operations and administration.
● Participate in routine project reviews and planning workshops and provide management with
relevant reports.
External Relations
● Invest in building relationships with organizations in the external community with the
foundation’s target audience to create hybrid programs that are mutually beneficial.
● Meeting with stakeholders to make communication easy and transparent regarding project issues
and decisions on services.
● Be the public face of the foundation.
Role Qualification
● BA/BSC or MSC in Management or related field of study.
● Minimum of 6-7years of proven work experience in a similar industry.
● Recognized Management certifications and certification in Project Management are an added
Skills And Competencies:
● Strategic planning, project monitoring and evaluation skills
● Outgoing and highly resourceful
● Program management and Team management