Corporate Governance(Midlevel)


To provide board support and corporate governance services in support of the Firm’s vision,

strategies, supporting policies and facilitation of external services, activities and frameworks in

consultation with key stakeholders.



· Managing board and committee administration.

· Maintaining and monitoring management’s compliance with standing delegations from the board (or governing body) and reporting any breaches.

· Developing corporate and firm strategies in consultation with key internal and external stakeholders.

· Maintaining the level and quality of corporate governance and governing culture including a pivotal role in assisting the board achieve its vision and strategy.

· Developing and implementing effective strategic risk and business continuity management processes.

· Coordinating governance committee and board member meetings.

· Monitoring business and compliance processes, establishing and maintaining a record of operational procedures manuals, and analyzing monthly reports.

· Identifying new legislation and legislative changes impacting the Firm, assessing the impact and requirements associated with the change.

· Providing key information to managers, board members and committees.

· Liaising with board members and fulfilling their requests for information and facilitating the flow of information, including creation of agendas, collation and distribution of board packs, producing and distributing detailed board minutes, arranging for signatures and carryout any post-meeting actions as required.

· Providing ad hoc support to the directors as required.

· Dealing with correspondence and administrative matters as providing board training a conducting Board Evaluations Managing the corporate change framework for new business initiatives and proposals from the business to ensure that they are in accordance with the Firm’s priorities and direction.

· Maintenance of due diligence documentation on existing directors and key stakeholders.

· Assisting with filings or notifications to the relevant regulatory authorities including

ensuring that corporate records are updated as appropriate.

· Developing and managing the Firm’s learning databases, enabling the collection,

collation and retrieval of evidence-based practice, advice, guidance, recommendation,

internal evaluation and audit outcomes.

· Assisting with the documentation and implementation of policies and procedures.

· Leading and advising on best practice in governance, risk management and compliance,

and championing the compliance framework to safeguard the Firm’s integrity.

· Delivering key enabling processes as set out in the corporate governance framework

and facilitating efficient and effective service delivery.

· Assisting the partners with team-specific reporting on business service levels.

· Promoting and acting as a ‘sounding board’ on standards of ethical and corporate


· Undertaking activities that support positive relationship with other strategic, corporate

level partner, including logistical arrangement, and.

· Balancing the interest of the board (or governing body), management and other

stakeholders, and;

· Performing other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


The Prospect must demonstrate:

· Excellent communication both written and verbal – the role involves liaison with internal

and external people at a senior level, strong presentation skills.

· Ability to maintain confidence and business relationship.

· Strong problem solving, listening and learning skills and analytical thinking.

· Absolute command of Microsoft office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

· Evidence of interest in, and commitment to, the success of the firm.

· Understanding of and commitment to firm’s values and ethos.

· A self-starter, able to demonstrate high levels of initiative and motivation, but also work

closely with other team members and displaying trust and loyalty.

· Ability to manage assigned tasks in an assertive, efficient and timely manner.

· Exceptional interpersonal skills, demonstrating professionalism in all dealings. Able to deal

sympathetically and appropriately with clients and to show empathy with them.

· Excellent leadership and Management skills.

· Excellent attention to detail.

· Must be able to multitask and keep calm under pressure.

· The flexibility to work outside normal office hours as may be required from time-to-time.