Improve current Accounting Systems and provide Management & Financial Accounting support to the company and its group of affiliated companies ensuring that the all companies are compliant with accounting standards and procedures. In addition, Analyse corporate Financial Operations to ensure the businesses are running efficiently.


Establish and manage the day to day operations of the Finance and Accounts units to ensure business needs are met, including understanding relevant business requirements and outcomes.

 Ensure a high-level, secure and long term IT solutions that drives the business in a sustainable manner consistently improving decision making and business outcomes

 Real time, credible Accounting and financial records accessible globally 24/7

 Qualitative and timely interpretation of Financial and Accounting information, analysing performance trends and Economic Market indices for the use of management in decision making.

  Develop and produce a monthly performance report that describes the status of various production and costs centres, vis a vis the approved Budget and peer performance.

 Develop, manage and monitor the Company wide Budget, to ensure: – Compliance to the budget – Optimization of current working capital and supplier’s agreements; – Profit or loss is monitored and reported on; – Cost and benefit analysis for each CAPEX is transparent and properly executed;

 Identify potential Funding sources that can support the short, medium and long term business development plans.  Prepare and reconcile Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

 Assist with budgeting and forecasting.

 Manage relationship with external stakeholders, ensuring that appropriate reports and documentations are submitted to and updated with PENCOM, FIRS, and Corporate Affairs Commission amongst others.

 Daily monitoring and management of several company bank accounts.  Assist with preparation of annual tax returns and other regulatory submissions.

 Maintain fixed assets, Quarterly VAT returns and CIS returns

 Manage the cash flow

  Assessing the Clients overall financial picture, understand their needs and develop a solid financial plan.

 Prepare financial documents such as information Memorandum and teasers for Organizations seeking to divest equities.

 Provide strategic financial advisory services on investment and divestment opportunities.

  Assessments of clients’ needs and goals, guiding clients towards a profitable and secure financial decision.


  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with accounting software and programs
  • Risk Assessment, Analysis and Management
  • Measurement Analysis and Interpretation.
  • Reporting Research Systems and Process Management
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite